The conference mode has been set to on-site only mode. The conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon (Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4, 1249-058 Lisboa, Portugal)

Accepted papers are scheduled to 20 min oral presentation plus 5 min Q&A, keynote to 45 min + 15 Q&A. See here the full list of accepted papers. You can download the final program here.

Thursday, September 28, 2023


8:30 – 9:30

Conference Opening

9:30 – 9:45

  • Prof. Dr. António Bandeira Araújo
    CIAC – Universidade Aberta, Lisbon
  • Dr. Arch. Eng. Lucas Fabian Olivero
    CIAC – Universidade do Algarve, Universidade Aberta
  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Johann Habakuk Israel 
    HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Kassung
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jürgen Sieck
    HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Mónica Mendes
    Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa
  • Prof. António Oriol Trindade
    Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa


9:45 / 10:45 – Art ex machina: revisited. Penousal Machado, University of Coimbra, Portugal

10:45 / 11:00 – Coffee break

Session I: Art and Sensemaking through Digital Means

Moderator: Jürgen Sieck

11:00 – Researching the body and movement through artistic performative installations for collaborative digital sensemaking. Daniela Brill, Claudia Schnugg, Christian Stary, Antoni Rayzhekov

11:25 – EN TRAIN D’OUBLIER. Toward Affective Virtual Environments. Jorge Forero, Mónica Mendes, Gilberto Bernardes

11:50 – “Entre Caminhos”. Understanding local history through digital fragments of feminist narratives. Isabel Carvalho, Adriana Nascimento

Lunch break

12:15 / 13:45 – Lunch break
13:45 / 15:00 – Walk&Talk

Session II : Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage Preservation and Learning

Moderator: Johann Habakuk Israel

15:00 – MetaFraming: A Methodology for Democratizing Heritage Interpretation through Wiki Surveys. Colter Wehmeier, Georgios Artopoulos

15:25 – The Earlier Mona Lisa: creating a tactile physical model for transversal sharing and learning during the exhibition. Giorgio Verdiani, Alexia Charalambous, Francesco Algostino

15-50 – Unlocking Cultural Heritage: leveraging georeferenced tools and Open Data for enhanced cultural tourism experiences. Stefano Bertocci, Federico Cioli, Anastasia Cottini

16:15 / 16:30 – Coffee break

Session III: Human-Computer Interaction in Cultural Context

Moderator: Mónica Mendes

16:30 – Design Challenges and Opportunities of Fossil Preparation Tools and Methods. Lucas Siqueira Rodrigues, John Nyakatura, Stefan Zachow, Johann Habakuk Israel

16:55 – An Empirical Study to Design Interactions with Historical Buildings Used for Everyday Activities. Linda Hirsch, Daniel Buschek, Eileen Einwächter, Louisa Bekker, Andreas Butz

17:20 – AKN_Regie: Bridging Digital and Performing Arts. Georges Gagneré, Anastasiia Ternova


20:00 – Dinner at Hotel Mundial (Praça Martim Moniz, 2, 1100-341, Lisbon)

Friday, September 29, 2023

Session IV: Generative Art and Digital Media Integration

Moderator: António Bandeira Araújo

09:30 – Generative Ominous Dataset. Testing the Current Public Perception of Generative Art. Pedro Alves da Veiga

09:55 – ConformiTree: an artistic research on the expansion of photography to the third dimension. Elke Reinhuber

10:20 – Exploratory multimethod evaluation of experience and behaviour in large public total media situations. Patrick Tobias Fischer, Anke von der Heide

10:45 / 11:00 – Coffee break

Session V: Digital Tools in Art Analysis and Cultural Heritage

Moderator: Sónia Rafael

11:00 – The importance of software for the stereometric analysis of artworks. A case study with Pieter Saenredam. António Oriol Trindade

11:25 – Tracking, Visualization, and Interaction for Virtual Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in Mixed Reality. Comparison of Mixed-Reality and Virtual-Reality Approach. Sophie Schauer, Jürgen Sieck

11:50 – Dematerializing materials: description of the first stages to digitize a museum exhibition with 3D technologies. Rui d’Orey, Alexandre Martins, Jorge Carrega, Bruno Silva

Lunch break

12:15 / 13:45 – Lunch break
13:45 / 15:25 – Walk&Talk + Social Event

Session VI: Art and Technology Integration in Cultural Heritage Preservation

Moderator: António Trindade

15:25 – From overtourism to REC-OVERtourism. A digital experience for sustainable tourism. Sónia Rafael, Mattia Mertens, Pedro Ângelo, Mónica Mendes

15:50 – Experiencing the Architectural Evolution of a Heritage Museum in Extended Reality Application. Molood Seifi, Sophie Schauer and Haris Fadzila Abd Rahman

16:15 / 16:30 – Coffee break

Session VII: Immersive Learning and Virtual Educational Environments

Moderator: Christian Kassung

16:30 – Design inspiration translated from the “Proud to be Iban” probes. Gary Loh Chee Wyai, Tariq Zaman, Khairuddin Ab Hamid, Marcathy Anak Gindau

16:55 – The Effect of Culture in Educational Games for School Students. Mostafa Alaa, Nada Hammouda, Slim Abdennadher

17:20 – Extended Reality Authoring System for Creating Immersive Experiences: A Requirements Analysis. Christoph Holtmann, Selina Wernike

17:45 – Enhancing the Teaching of Spherical Perspective with LiveSphere. Lucas Fabian Olivero and António Bandeira Araújo


18:10 – Closing of the conference and announcement of the next edition of KUI