„Interactive Systems”

The 8th event of the series “Culture and Informatics” focused on challenges and perspectives for multimedia, interactive systems in the field of culture and creative industries.

The event discussed research and development approaches to the topics of interaction in museum and city information systems, multimedia exhibition concepts, museum portals or even in computer games. The conference was aimed on the one hand at employees of the cultural and creative industries, communication scientists, cultural and art actors, and on the other hand at computer scientists and technicians who research and develop on cultural topics.

Two central questions were the focus of the various lectures and presentations: the media-appropriate preparation of information and the intuitive use of multimedia applications. These central questions were primarily demonstrated and discussed using interactive multimedia solutions for the cultural and creative industries.

The range of topics covered interactive museum information systems and multimedia guides, exhibition planning systems, tourism information and navigation systems, and Web2.0 solutions for visitor and customer loyalty and for the self-marketing of digital art and digital cultural assets.

Download: Programme KuI 2010

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