KUI 2024 will take place on October 03–04, 2024 in Florence!

In the historic setting of Florence UNESCO World Heritage, the XXI. edition of the International Conference on Culture and Computer Science invites scholars, researchers, and practitioners to explore the intersection of humanism and digital humanities. The entanglement between the physical world and computer-generated data cuts across and expands far beyond disciplines such as human-computer interaction, machine-to-machine communication, computer graphics, sensor systems, humanities, and artistic sciences such as sound, visual, culture and design studies.

Under the topic “From humanism to digital humanities”, this year’s KUI conference aims to investigate the role of humans within technological development, whether as creators of systems or users. Emphasis is placed on the concept of “culture” as a synthesis of both material heritage, such as landscape, cities, monuments, and artifacts, and immaterial heritage, such as beliefs, traditions, knowledge and customs concerning nature and the universe. This year’s call thus sets its focus on the digitalisation of cultural heritage, on strategies for the preservation and protection of cultural assets, welcoming proposals in the field of architectural restoration and digital documentation and notably placing humans at the centre as critical subjects who structure, utilise, and implement digital systems. The discussion also considers climate change and the risks of contemporary crises through the lens of culture and information technology in the framework of a new humanism. Beyond this focus, the conference is open for a wider spectrum of contributions dealing with digital technologies in the cultural sector, such as ethics, XR technologies, or sketching.  

Call for Papers